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Who are we?


President and CTO

Mitchell Davis

Mitchell has worked in and around cars or electronics most of his life.  When he was growing up, he tinkered with cars with his grandfather on the weekends, which lead to working on his own car in the later years.  As the installation manager at a car audio store, he has been able to perfect what he has worked on for years, all while learning the ins and outs of the business.  Full of ideas, he always tried to figure out how to perfect things.  After having a family, the idea of keeping them safe became paramount. 

In 2015, Mitchell started watching the news on a nightly basis.  Almost every night during the summer, there was a new story about someone dying in a hot car.  Towards the end of that same summer, there was another story about 9 police dogs who died in a hot police car.  He started brainstorming at that moment.  For a year, he bounced ideas off of Molly.  Finally, Mitchell decided to go for it and see if he could make his idea a reality.  He bought a small kit and learned how to write code.  It took him 3 days to figure out how to program, and another 2 days to perfect it.  At that point, he had a working basic prototype and he knew he was onto something great...something that had the potential of saving lives. 




Dennis Cerasoli

Dennis has extensive experience as a global business strategist with expertise in transformational business expansion. He is energized by leading technological advancements into major markets, influencing strategy, competitive distinction and connecting businesses and communities around the world. At Parked Angel, Dennis combines his drive and experience with his passion for people; launching an amazing product that will save lives around the world.