Parked Angel
Watched by an Angel


Saving Lives...One Device at a Time.

How does it work?


What is Parked angel?

Parked Angel is an automotive safety device aimed at preventing all forms of hyperthermia and hypothermia (heat stroke or frost bite), whose ultimate goal is to save lives.

REally...but how?

First, Parked Angel keeps an eye on the temperature. When the temperature gets too hot or too cold inside the vehicle, the next set of sensors look for life. The sensors are sophisticated enough to distinguish between the heat from the weather and a person's body heat. With the vehicles' ignition in the off position, a temperature reading above or below a set threshold will trigger Parked Angels sensors if life is detected inside the vehicle.  The sensors are sophisticated enough to know the difference between life detected inside the vehicle and someone standing outside the vehicle.

Factory Or Aftermarket installation?

Parked Angel is designed to be factory installed.  We are also working on an aftermarket version that will allow vehicle owners to purchase it and then have the device installed by a trained professional. 

It is our hope that Parked Angel becomes an essential part of every vehicle, much like seatbelts or airbags.

How does our device differ from others on the market?

Yes, there are other devices on the market.  They have proven to be either unreliable, too complicated to setup by the end user, or can't hold up to the plethora of viscous liquids a child either produces or makes.  All of which, Parked Angel has been designed to solve. 

If your curious to learn more about these differences, please schedule a demo.  We are happy to show you exactly how the device works!

Saving Lives...Human or furry

Parked Angel is designed to monitor more than just your children.  It will work for everyone;  human or furry -- all of your loved ones.  While the device was initially designed for kids, it will also work for the elderly, mentally disabled and even your pet(s)...anyone in need.

Emergency Alerts

An alarm will sound immediately when the sensors in Parked Angel are triggered.  First, the horn will honk and the lights will flash S.O.S. using Morse code and, if programmed, send a notification to the driver or owner. 

Next, if the vehicle is equipped with an emergency system, Parked Angel will activate it and will notify emergency personnel.  Then, and maybe most importantly, it will send a text via flash SMS to EVERYONE within about 100 yards, or a roughly one block radius of the vehicle.  All of this in an attempt to get help as quickly as possible to whomever is in danger. 

While there are multiple steps to the process, all of these steps are designed to happen simultaneously.

Investment opportunity

Our plan is to have the first prototype complete by the end of the first year and the second prototype complete by the end of year two.  At the end of the third year, the expectation is to be in production with an automobile manufacturer, and or selling aftermarket versions of the device. 

Click here to find out how to schedule a demo and find out more about this revolutionary device.  

Thank you to our current and future investors!

Always watching

Parked Angel always keeps a watchful eye on your car, and alert you to any life in danger when temperatures inside the vehicle reach critical levels -- when your loved ones are in danger from hypothermia or hyperthermia. 

There's an App for that!

Another feature of Parked Angel is to develop an app for both IOS and Android that will notify the owner/driver, if they choose to download it, record their information, and setup the optional settings.  Yes, this device is already designed to send out flash texts to anyone in a roughly one block radius and to notify the owner/driver that there is someone in danger due to extreme temperatures.   There are other added features/functionality if the owner/driver chooses to install and utilize the app.

First, the app will be used for diagnostic purposes as well as other optional features, to be released at a later date.  The app will be able to run diagnostics to troubleshoot problems and will also help ensure the device continues to work properly by monitoring the sensors to ensure they are reading properly.  If an issue is detected, the app will help to determine the cause as well as the best way to resolve it. Lastly, the app will connect the end-user directly to support for assistance with the issue, or to answer any question, all at the click of a button.

Patent pending

Due to Parked Angel's unique design elements, a patent has been filed, and is pending, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Want to learn more?

Visit our contacts page and submit your inquiry.  We are happy to schedule a meeting to demo the device.